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Minnesota Nice Project

Most people don’t need to look very far to feel overwhelmed by the countless unmet needs around us. It’s easy to feel discouraged, wanting to help but also afraid that some problems may be too big to approach. We wonder where the ordinary person fits in with things like disaster relief, fixing broken school systems, or engaging in the fight against cancer.

One solution we’ve landed on at Sota Clothing is to do whatever it is that you do best, in a way that supports those already in the fight. This is the whole idea behind Sota Clothing’s Minnesota Nice Project. We want to hone in on what we do best, designing t-shirts, to support those already on the frontlines of such issues. To do this we will be debuting our Minnesota Nice Project Tee this June. Although only a t-shirt, we hope it serves as a reminder of a value so deeply embedded in our state: that you don’t need to know someone before caring for them, that all people are worth fighting for.  

Proceeds from the Minnesota Nice Project Tee will continually be going to various charities in our state. Its first stop being the Masonic Center at the University of Minnesota, where there resides a group of researchers on the brink of cutting edge cancer research and treatments. Diligently doing what they do best in order to care for generations to come.


The bitter realities of cancer are all too familiar to us at Sota Clothing. We have had to say goodbye to both childhood and long-time friends, grandparents, and uncles because of it’s manifestations. It dwells in our homes, affecting two mothers of Sota employees. Just like everyone else, we ache for this disease to cease. We are not the kinds of people who spend their days laboring over microscopes, or conducting clinical trials to test the effectiveness of various kinds of treatments. We create designs and sell t-shirts. But we are so grateful for those who are engaged daily in the fight against this disease through research. The Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota is on the edge of breakthrough innovations and collaborations amongst researchers. So when our team learned about Chainbreakers pursuit and were invited to join through forming a peloton team for it’s August ride, we eagerly accepted the challenge. We are now inviting you to join Sota Clothing in embarking on the 180 mile trek through our great state on two wheels.  

Chainbreaker is a two-wheeled grassroots movement chasing down cancer. One hundred percent of the donations raised will go directly toward innovative and life saving research at the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota. On August 11-13th 2017, cyclists will start their bike tour in the Twin Cities and pledge to ride the following distances with each corresponding to a minimum fundraising commitment:

25 miles - $1,000
50 miles - $1,250
100 miles - $1,500
180 miles - $2,000

Six of our team members have pledged to ride 180 miles, and we’re encouraging others to join us! Sota Clothing will also be hosting a variety of events in order to reach our fundraising goal. Please see below or look on our event tab as more events are added to the schedule!

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