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Sota Clothing

Meet the Team

Rebecca Rudduck

This is Rebecca, we call her Bex. Bex has acquired a wide variety of retail experience in both Australia and the U.S. Quick witted and hard-working, she is a welcomed presence in all areas of the office, using her diverse skill set to lift up the team as a whole.

"Everyday is different. I get to work on future planning projects and daily tasks, color/trends forecasting for upcoming seasons, participating in events, and packing orders in the warehouse." 


Melissa Miller

Melissa joined us in September of 2016 after spending the summer interning with us. She was wrapping up her final coursework for graduation when she learned about sota clothing's first internship opportunity. 

"My sister tagged me in the PR intern post on FB during my finals week, so I didn't study for my last final and put all my effort and time into making my resume look appealing so I could get an interview!!! I failed my final, but I got the internship!!"

After completing her internship she agreed to stay on as our Event Coordinator, taking the lead role in organizing kickball tournaments and 5K races, while also managing pop-up shops and most recently becoming a Personal Shopper for sota clothing customers. Melissa is an absolute delight, bringing laughter with her wherever she goes (even if it's unintentional). 


Lauren Johnson

When Lauren joined in October of 2015, she brought the skills necessary to keep the momentum going that was generated during the summer of 2015. Having worked in corporate retail for four major companies, she was well-equipped to help sota clothing develop the back-bone it needed to withstand the retail industry. Laying down sustainable systems for sourcing, tracking inventory, and managing the growing wholesale accounts.

“One of the first things I did was look at our current inventory situation, and realized that we were not keeping enough inventory on hand to keep up with orders, which is a great problem to have but also hard  when all we had to work with was the attic for warehouse space, and then carrying all the inventory up 4 flights of stairs.” 


McKenzie Johnson

This is me, Kenzie. Upon graduating from Winona State University I chose to immerse myself in several part-time jobs before locking into one job full-time, knowing each line of work contains lessons of it's own. I was working in geriatric home care while spending my evenings as a barista when Spencer asked me to help him with order fulfillment in his attic warehouse. I continued to balance the three part-time job thing for over a year before finally deciding to come on full-time as the lead for Customer Care and Shipping. 


Spencer Johnson

I have often thought of Spencer as an idea generator, often churning up his best ideas when something that ought to be demanding his full attention failed to grab his interest. Such was the case during his senior year at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, when he etched his initial designs for sota clothing during geology class. Little did he know where this design would take him, now seven years later overseeing a staff of seven and still seeing to its potential. He does a good job keeping his staff happy too, incorporating espresso machines and "gym class" into our workday.


Kyle Kunzmann

Kyle joined us this June to help in the warehouse. Detail-oriented, caring, and efficient, he's strengthening Sota's values of serving our customers with timely shipments and follow-up service. He's well on his way to being the quickest packer we've ever known, as well as being the closest thing we've ever had to a forklift! 

"I get to work in several different areas within Sota Clothing and it gives me new perspective about the opportunities and challenges that exist within small businesses. People are always willing to help out in different areas depending on what is most pressing."


Kristin Carlson

Kristin arrived right in the brink of time. As we've been growing and expanding sota has been needing assistance in merchandising and wholesale accounts. Having experience as an Executive Team Lead at Target and a Planning Analyst at Best Buy, we are excited for all Kristin continues to bring to the table.

"I'm excited to work for a small company, knowing I will get to wear multiple hats and help wherever is needed. Working with sweet people and an awesome brand that cares about helping people, at the same time giving suggestions and seeing them come to light." 


Gabe Pattison

Gabe is the most recent addition to sota clothing, but it hasn't taken long for him to leave his mark. He spent over seven years in the ad agency world before joining us, and his skill set and zeal for the northland manifests itself instinctively in his graphic design work. He is tending to the designs already established by sota clothing while also exploring new ways of expressing Minnesota's lifestyle and culture.

"I love thinking about design with a holistic view of how our customer will be interacting with the brand. Its more than just a shirt they buy online, it's all the little touch points in between [...] being able to design that overall experience is something I love."


Margaret Johnson (sota mom)

Meet our mom, although not actually an employee she joins us as at her leisure to assist in the warehouse while simultaneously acting as our consultant for all things decorating. Rare is the occasion that we embark on an office space project without first seeking her advice. Since she is not an employee, she says her favorite part of the job is it's flexibility. She enjoys making it a point that she decides when she comes and goes. 

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