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We Moved

Hey folks. I know there has been a lot of silence on the blog, and we are hoping to break that… starting now. You can expect fairly regular posts from us a few times a month now. To kick things off we wanted to share our latest happenings with you.

We recently made the move from NE Minneapolis to a fairly sizable office park in Golden Valley, making it Sota Clothing’s third home in one year. As soon as the hustle of the State Fair had wrapped up we quickly switched our focus to searching for a new home, having had only one month left on our lease! With the continual stream of inventory growing larger, and the addition of our Superior Goods line we were growing cramped in our shared suite. 

After hunting and striking out on our own, Spencer contacted a realtor, Collin, to help us find our new space. We were hoping to stick with our friends in NE, where we were spoiled with plentiful coffee shops and breweries, enjoying the unique character of the Thorp building and being in close proximity to our new friends. After learning about what was available, we realized we had to choose between the “sexy” and “functional” spaces. Taking the more mature route, Collin led us down the path toward functionality to a warehouse/office complex that used to house a homebuilding company. It was about three times the square footage we had previously, with three offices, a conference room, kitchen, and a sizable warehouse. Amongst our first look, we weren’t so enthused as it was far from offering the charm of the industrious, old brick building we grew to adore with rustic hardwood floors, Diamond’s coffee shop below us, and Tattersall Distillery on the west end of the building. But, as we learned from our mom who scours decorating magazines instead of the newspaper in the morning, you can bring charm to anything. So knowing this new place would provide the room to grow that we needed, we signed some papers. 

And, nearly eight weeks and a dozen projects later, we are really liking it here. We miss our suite mate Lucy & Co. dearly, and Dan the accordion guy next door, but we know this move was a much-needed next step for us.

Take a look at the rooms we tackled first:

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