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Meet the Maker's - sota clothing's store exclusive vendors

Meet the Maker's - sota clothing's store exclusive vendors

A favorite part of having our own shopfront, is having the opportunity to showcase some of the best local makers in the Twin Cities. These vendors make up our store exclusive collection, rounding out our assortment in a way that makes sota clothing a one-stop shop for local gift-givers. This month we wanted to take some time to shine the spotlight on this local talent.
Laura Muhm | Sota Cracklers

Laura Muhm, the brains behind Sota Cracklers, was the first business we contacted when looking for store exclusive items to carry in our store. We loved her scents and working with her so much that we even collaborated on a Sota Cracklers + sota clothing candle. We hope to do more collaborations with her in the future.

"Candle making is part science and part art. Experimenting to make new and unusual fragrance blends that reflect Minnesota life is a creative challenge we love to tackle!" -Laura Muhm.

Sota Crackler candles are all hand poured, have crackling wood wicks and wax is made from American grown soy beans. Not to mention they are made right here in Minnesota. Customer favorites include Sexy Lumberjack and Backyard Bonfire!
Erica and Jen | Vintage Studio
Our customers always rave about the pieces from the Vintage Studio. Erica and Jen are the creatives behind the brand. The Vintage Studio started around 8 years ago in one form or another until Erica and Jen finally settled on doing what they enjoy most... having fun creating all kinds of beautiful things. We stock all kinds of fun giftables from The Vintage Studio, magnets, laser cut wooden spoons, sack cloth towels and for the upcoming holiday season we are looking forward to stocking their Christmas tree decorations.
"The flower sack towels are a favorite. From the quality fabric to the new designs developed annually, there are towels to fit any Minnesota Style". -Erica Boehme, Co-founder of Vintage Studio. 
Adam Turman | Adam Turman Artwork Co
We got to know Adam Turman really well when we were office neighbors in Golden Valley. Adam's work showcases all the things we love about Minnesota. Since moving and opening our retail store in St. Louis Park we have stocked many of Turman's Minnesota themed tea towels. The MN Months tea towel has been our customers #1 pick time and time again. His designs fit with our Minnesota vibe and we love how his graphics tell stories about all things Minnesota. 
Anna & Nik | Hagen and Oats
Born and raised in Minnesota, sisters Anna and Nik's passion for Minnesota-inspired hardwood runs deep. Born and raised in Minnesota, Anna and Nik's work ethic and creativity was cultivated from the philosophy that being a girl meant you had "all the power in the world".
"We love making custom pieces. Our favorite usually changes as we grow, but we LOVE making pet portraits. Being able to capture someone's beloved fur baby is pretty fulfilling." -Nikki Hollerich, Co-founder of Hagen and Oats
Our best selling items are The Northern Light Cribbage boards and The Beer Me bottle opener. All products are custom Hand Made scroll saw pieces made in Minnesota.

Know a fun local brand?
We are expanding our local offering and opening our doors to POC-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. We are endeavoring to leverage our home grown platform to help POC-owned businesses to thrive.  Do you have a product or unique offering that would be a great fit for our online and retail store? If so we would love to talk to you.

Please contact to start a conversation.


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