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Sota Caravan 2.0

Sota Caravan 2.0

When the 1972 Chickadee Caravan first came rolling down our driveway, we were all a bit taken aback. It was coming back from its trip to the paint shop, and with no windows or trim work yet, it really just looked like a giant ball of teal. In time, the white accents and branding would pull a look together that gained us entry to the Minnesota State Fair. 

Since then the sota caravan has become a staple for fair-goers strolling through the Northwoods quarters. Customers were just as likely to approach our booth to look inside the camper, as they were to shop our gear. Now, the sota caravan is welcoming a new addition to the mobile fleet- the sota caravan 2.0. With an additional 6 feet in length, our new 1967 Fan Camper will offer a more streamlined experience to better serve state fair shoppers.

With the first caravan, we learned a lot about the importance of maximizing a space to intentionally use every square inch. Now we get a chance to apply what we've learned in revamping this next mobile shopping experience. We reached out to BIG INK who’s Move Mobile Marketing team designed and managed the interior build-out and exterior face-lift of our sota caravan 2.0. 

Tom Jaeger, the lead craftsman in the project, retired from United Airlines in 2011. In dealing with the intricacies of the remodel, he likened it to his time as a pilot. Remarking that each airport came with its own challenges, and it was a puzzle to figure out- similar to his projects in the wood shop.  

They were able to incorporate our inspirations from the North Woods as well as the state’s Nordic roots into the campers aesthetic. The exterior paint job is again marked by the iconic teal hue, but now with a horizontal stripe cutting through the middle.


p/c Trey Fortner & Big Ink

Sota clothing’s recent collaboration canoe with Merrimack Canoe will also be displayed at the booth. Our friendship with Merrimack and Sanborn Canoe Co. has grown over the past several years and we are continually impressed with their unparalleled craftsmanship. 

At this year's booth you'll be able to shop early releases from our fall line as well as this year's Twin Cities Live collaboration hats. Sota Clothing’s booth is located on Cooper Street, 1/2 block south of Randall Ave. and will be open from 8am to 10pm.

We're so excited to see you there! 


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