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You Betcha We Love It Here

You Betcha We Love It Here

Minnesota is quite the special place. All who call it home already know this, and we know that we have become special just by living here. Our choice to stay through all the seasons creates in us a unique endurance and appreciation for the place we call home.

Anyone who looks in for only a moment may question why we'd ever stay. The summers hot and sticky, mosquitos surfacing every night, and the winters long and cold, with the threat of being trapped by snow always lingering. What they don’t understand is that we relish in the adversity. Becoming stronger and more ourselves when we’re pushed to the limit.

Only those who have weathered the long winters can fully enjoy those first moments of spring when the crocuses start to pop out of the ground. Only by sticking through the stickiest times of summer do the fall trips north to see the leaves change color feel the most refreshing.

And honestly we love the opportunity to show how tough we are when all the elements seem to be against us. It wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have our stories of going out into blizzards, getting stuck in snow drifts, pushing our neighbors out of snow banks, and then wrapping up in our favorite blankets with a cup of coffee in hand. And even when it’s hot and sticky the summers at the lake are what dreams are made of. Cooling off in the glassy water, casting line after line hoping to catch the one, and then gazing at the shooting stars while the loons sing nourishes the soul in ways that keep our spirits high.

Surely there will be days that we start to question how much longer we can stand it, living through all the highs and lows, but this one predominate claim will always ring truest, “You betcha! We love it here.”


Mural was done by artists Robb McNeill, David Chang, and Ian O'Neill. Rob McNeill's Minneapolis based Impulse Creative has painted numerous murals throughout the Twin cities. The mural was painted over the course of 10 hours during sota clothing's block party in September 2019. 

We welcome all Minnesota natives and visitors to come by and snap your photo to showoff your pride and joy for the place we all call home! Mural located at 6518 Walker Street, St. Louis Park, MN

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