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Sota Clothing - Timeline

Sota Clothing - Timeline

 From class project to household name are a thousand steps in between. We dug through the memory box and pulled up some of sota clothing's most pivotal milestones along the way.
First "big" batch of tee's at Spencer's family home. He sold them at parties to friends and county fairs | August 21, 2012

The first state fair booth was a lawn spot outside the fair grounds | August 23rd, 2013 
Spencer's first live news interview in Duluth | January 29, 2014
Pop-up booth at Soundset music festival | May 25, 2014
First big advertisement on a city bus | October 3, 2014
photography collection | 2014
First paddle graphic tee | March 21, 2015
First production of the MN Paddle Classic Hat | August 5, 2015
sota clothing office/warehouse in the attic of Spencer's apartment in Minneapolis | 2015
McKenzie Johnson (Spencer's sister) joins the team to ship orders and provide customer service | August 2015
Lauren Johnson (also Spencer's sister) joins the team to manage wholesale accounts and sourcing | September 2015
Sota clothing outgrows the attic and moves to the Thorp Buiding in NE Minneapolis, sharing a suite with Lucy & Co. | November 5, 2015 

1972 Chickadee Camper is purchased to become our mobile shop | Spring 2016

Our mom painting the finishing touches to the sota caravan | Summer 2016

The sota caravan gains sota clothing entry inside the State Fair Grounds! | Summer 2016

Sota Clothing outgrows NE Suite and moves to Golden Valley | October 2016


Sota Clothing lands first commercial with Honda | Summer 2018


sota clothing renovates and moves to St. Louis Park's historic Walker Building | Summer 2018 


First sota clothing store front opens in St. Louis Park | August 2018

 sota clothing launches Classic State, providing headwear that showcases the unique lifestyle’s of each state within our Union 

And of course, sota clothing is far from a solo ordeal. We've been fortunate to have endlessly creative and hardworking people join our team over the years, each having left their own mark in helping shape sota clothing to what it is today. 

sota's come along way since it was first dreamt up in a UMD classroom in 2011. Sometimes, especially when we feel overwhelmed, we like to joke that Spencer may have taken his class project a little too far! It's been a wild ride to say the least, and we are so excited to see how our story continues to unfold. 


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